Installation Art

Bert Leveille

BERT LEVEILLE — “FRACTALS”, an art installation at Starline’s 4th Friday art event, May 26, 2023.

BERT LEVEILLE’s art installation, “FRACTALS” will be featured at Starline during the 4th Friday art event in Harvard, IL this coming Friday, May 26, 2023. As you approach the installation, mobiles will guide you to the large painting “Ocular Fracture” (10ft high by 17ft wide). It is lit with back and front color sequenced lighting. This installation deals with the Xreal — “X” stands for the unknown, so the art may be un-real, or super-real, or surreal, or just x-real.

 When LEVEILLE created this piece “Ocular Fracture”, she was exploring consciousness in a seemingly unconscious world; reality in a world that seems increasingly unreal and yet more real or maybe surreal – Xreal. This unimaginable world-changing, reality-changing pandemic intensified her need to connect to mindfulness. Her vision of normal was shattered. She is still having difficulty re-entering this world and reconnecting with people face to face.

 “Ocular Fracture” was first seen at the Old Courthouse Arts Center in the E-artgroup (now E*) group exhibition “Xre*al” which LEVEILLE co-curated and facilitated.

LEVEILLE builds on this Xreal concept using her original piece “Ocular Fracture” as the cornerstone for her second Starline 4th Friday art installation — adding new art and Xreal video intended to give Starline patrons an Xreal experience.

 “FRACTALS” can be viewed at the Starline 4th Friday art event on Friday, May 26, 2023, from 6-10 PM at Starline, 300 Front Street, Harvard IL, 60033. One night only! There is a $10 fee. No charge for anyone 16 and under when accompanied by an adult.


BERT LEVEILLE has been planning, presenting, curating exhibitions, and exhibiting for several years nationally and throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. Her artwork is a combination of herself, and her world as a conduit – intertwining, connecting, and exploring a more universal world in search of an expanded yet connected consciousness.

Exposure to and love of theater permeates her art practice with mural sized abstract paintings, 3-D elements, and collaborations with dancers and musicians. Immersive installations include color sequenced lighting, animation, sound, and video. She explores a fine line of one being inside the art (“on-stage”) looking out; becoming part of the art; and/or viewing the art.

LEVEILLE creates installations in historic buildings: factories, court houses and walk-in vaults; on stage with dancers; schools; and traditional gallery spaces. Notably: “streaming reflections” – The Art Center Highland Park, gallery (2019), Stevenson HS, rotunda galleries and residency (2019), and Old Court House Art Center (OCHAC) gallery and vault (2018); “As It Happens” — a collaboration with poets in the small vault at OCHAC (2020); and “connections after covid” — featured artist solo in the historic Dole gallery (2023). She tests and shares concepts in her Starline “incubation, experimentation, installation, exhibition studio”; and conducts installation workshops.

 EXHIBITION DATES: Friday, May 26, 2023, from 6-10 PM at Starline in Harvard, IL.

LEVEILLE said, “I want to again thank the Starline 4th Friday facilitators, Lorette Dodt, Carrie Dodt and Josie Rivera for adding my installations as a feature for this event. My small studio, which pre-pandemic was a ‘must see’ experience during 4th Fridays Open Studios, remains viewable through the studio window only – indefinitely. I am so excited and grateful for the opportunity to share my work on this larger scale, with 4th Friday patrons. Thank you E artgroup (E*) for your support. And, thank you to all my studio visitors and patrons. Thank you RKD for your invaluable support.”

This current exhibition is supported by Starline 4th Friday Art Events, and E-artgroup (E).


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