Lisa Nomikos

Improv Art with
Visionary Artist Lisa Nomikos

Watch as Lisa’s chalk, pastel drawing unfolds, shifts and changes depending on input from the audience. You and others have the opportunity to be a part of the art making process!

Up to 44 people may randomly select one card for $5 each to reveal what’s hidden behind the card. Whatever secret animal, shape, color or element is shown will be added into the drawing.

See the unexpected ways the image will unfold.

The cards Lisa will be using are from her original 44-card, Inspirational Soul Reflection Oracle Card Deck, co-created with Intuitive Life Coach Lisa Gniady


Win a Print of the final Improv Art

  • Each card pull person will be entered into a raffle to win an 8×10 print of the finished piece.
  • Share your name, number & email address to be added to my email list, and be entered into the raffle.