Upper Gallery
& Overland Gallery

The Overland Gallery and Upper Gallery are two art galleries on the second floor of the Starline Factory building. These unique galleries feature selected artists and art groups for monthly shows.

 Location & Visits

The galleries are located on the far west side of the building above the Helm Room that holds the Starline 4th Fridays and other events. The best way to reach the galleries is to take the elevator in the Stanchion Pub to the 2R floor. Exit the elevator and walk past the skylights and studios, through the blue door area, and down the hall to the galleries (distance of about 100 feet). These galleries can be visited during the 4th Friday events, building tours, and by appointment.

About the Artists

The artists featured in the galleries include art leagues, colleges, and individual artists invited to show their work. Artists are selected for a variety of reasons, such as themed shows, art styles, and other features used to combine art pieces to complete a gallery show.



A color and vibrant display of geometric art

July 26


Tom Robinson
George & Ann Rowe
Gabriel Karagianis
Tom Cubr
Dawn Shekut-Mucha
Carrie Dodt
Lorette Dodt